From Norway to the U.S: The start of our new family adventure

Travel across countries as a family of 5+1

The day had finally come! The day we had worked so hard for. I can’t even begin to describe the feelings going through my body the day of departure. Such a strange, giggly feeling. The day that we would start our new family adventure.

Traveling for months you might guess I would have packed for days? I wish I was that kind of person. Being organized is not my strongest side. Luckily I have the best friend in the whole world who organized everything and packed it all systematically and neat! I dont know what I’ve done to deserve her! I will forever be grateful for our friendship. For our next travel I actually know how to pack, how to fold and how to take most advantage of the space.

So, traveling with kids, no matter how long the journey can be stressful. So before we started on our journey I was introduced to a product that really makes all the difference: The BEDBOX: a multi product for little flyers. We had such a nice travel from Norway to the U.S. The oldest ones could ride along on the BedBox during our connections and I will forever remember those smile riding around at the airport. At times when my legs were tired I really wished I could have my own little ride.

During those long flights, a baby needs to sleep and this can often be a tricky situation on a plane. Especially if you needs those hands available and not have a sleeping baby on you all of the time. So as the genius product it is, you can make it into a bed. “the BedBox” This was a life changer for us. There’s a madrass inside the box and just like that, its a bed. The boys had their iPads, cookies and favorite toys inside the box, while mommy stored cleaning wipes and diapers. The best multi product I’ve ever seen!

You can check it out at

“It’s a suitcase, it’s a bed, it’s a miracle”

So how to keep your kids happy on board? There’s endless tips about this topic and here are the ones that worked best for us on our travel. 

1. Ipads and favorite toys

I must really say that the iPad is our number one “must have” product on those long flights. I know we all have our standards when it comes to screen time, but I guess we can all let them slip a little while being on a long flight! The kids can play their favorite games and watch their favorite shows. We downloaded a couple of episodes from Netflix before departure and this worked perfectly. Bringing their favorite toys in their backpacks can be really helpful during the airport wait and long flights. 

2. Wet wipes and extra clothing 

You can never have enough wet wipes. With little ones there will be spilling, and lots of it. So those wipes really made it easier for us. Both me and hubby had it infront of us at all times so we could be ready for the moment. Extra clothing is a must to have in your hand luggage. It’s the fact that your prepared for all the different scenarios that make the flying experience more relaxed. 

3. Arm yourself with snacks 

Make sure you pack plenty of snacks. Those flight meals may take a while. Keep them happy with some snacks while waiting. I mean, you can never get enough of cookies, fruits and smoothies, am I right? 

4. Keep them cozy and comfy 

Being comfortable on a plane is everything. Having comfy joggers or even pajamas is a good idea for long flights. Have different layers so you can take some of during the flight and bring a soft pillow so they can snuggle up and dream about their family vacation! 

5. Make the flying experience fun and magical

So flying from one destination to another is really something, right? Being up in the air with your whole family ready for new adventures is the greatest of joy. 

So talk to the kids, let them see what countries your flying over on the kids map and dream together. 

Today we’ve been in the states for 5 days already. I’ve not been able to update you all. It took us a while to get into the new time zone and wind down. There will be some articles coming up this week. Starting with Disney World. May I just say, hold on tight? 😉

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