Disney World: Magic Kingdom

Where dreams come true… The imagination, the hope, the friendship, the dreams. I guess that Walt Disney was really on to something, right?

Disney word has been something the whole family have been looking forward to from the moment that we planned our visit to Orlando.

How to make your visit to Disney world as memorable as possible

Walt Disney World Orlando is enormous. Each of its four theme parks would be able to occupy their visitors for a day or even two.

Since we only had one day to see the parks we decided to only visit one of them. For us the choice fell on Magic Kingdom. Our boys really love those Disney characters, the songs and not to mention the overall fantasy.

FastPass+ A must have 

While being at Disney world you want to make every moment count and having to stand in those long lines can be exhausting for both parents and kids. Disney World operates with two separate lines: standby lines that you simply enter and wait and a FastPass+ line where guest with a reservation enters the attraction much more quickly. FastPass+ has been a game changer! So how does FastPass work? Each member of the party needs to have a time specific for the individual ride. It can feel a bit complicated at first. I would recommend going to the different FastPass stations that are located near most attractions and just reach out to them. They can help you set up your rides at first so that you can easily do the same when you book your next rides or shows.

The crew working at Disney world are the kindest sweetest persons with happy smiles and the best attitude.

Where your fantasy becomes a reality. 

The overall experience of magic kingdom was beyond amazing. There’s always something that stands out and for us it was the Disney festival of fantasy parade; This felt like the perfect way to celebrate the spirit of Disney. A parade that really is jaw dropping and beyond breathtaking. The other highlight was Mickey’s Royal Friendship Faire, where you can see Mickey and his merry crew perform alongside many popular Disney friends. I’ve never seen my boys so concentrated before. They were in total awe and just stared during the whole show.

Besides from the shows and parade, you’re surrounded by so much fun! We enjoyed walking around, hopping on the carrousel, trying to pull out the sword in the stone and having food breaks in the sweetest music that brings on those childhood memories from the different Disney characters.

Disney world gives you those goosebumps and makes you dream again!

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