Floridays Resort: Family Vacation in Orlando

Planning your family vacation in Orlando there’s many factors to have in mind. This is a review of our experience in staying at Floridays Resort Orlando while visiting Disney world. We wanted a resorts that was family friendly, with a poolside and also had a calm feeling to it. For us, Floridays was one of those stand out resorts.

Planning your family vacation in Orlando these are the factors that I believe is important to consider:


Floridays Resort Orlando is an off-site hotel near Walt Disney world and other attractions. The resorts location is really one of the best things about the resort. So close to everything while still giving you the feeling of total relaxation and vacation mode.

I would say that this resort is perfect for families and for those renting a car and driving around. When it comes to parking we never had a problem finding one as this resort really gives you large parking lots outside your building.

While arriving at Floridays you’ll see the beautiful lobby where you can check in and get your keycard. The resorts consists of different buildings, all of them within walking distance to the poolside, lobby and the food bar.

Family friendly

Floridays is a true paradise for the kids. With its own activity corner in the pool and their own sand beach.

No wonder why Floridays Resort is one of the top hotels in Orlando on TripAdvisor.

While looking at what this resort has to offer I’ll highlight some of our favorite features in this review.

The poolside is really something that stands out in Floridays and really caught our eyes at first sight. Not only do the kids have their own corner with a water umbrella, the pool has a large swimming area. This pool is huge! During the weekend there’s also music and activities and this really made the kids even more exited about this place! We also enjoyed ordering food and eating at the sun beds witch there was a bunch of.

Luxury family suites

Floridays Resort offers you suites and condo-style rooms. Stepping into our family suite was jaw dropping. The first view from the front door is the kitchen. A place well used during our stay. Our kids, like most were constantly asking for some snacks, so we were happy we had the fridge filled up with groceries. Alongside the kitchen there’s the living room. This area felt so open and light.

My favorite room was the grand bedroom next to the master bathroom. I just loved that there was an open window between these rooms, right over the jacuzzi tub. Such a fine detail that I really enjoyed while giving our kids a bath after a long day. Another thing that I really enjoyed was our super comfortable bed.

The rooms are all very stylish and very family friendly. With a washing machine, dryer and everything you need as a family. The second room had two beds and was perfect for the kids.

Overall I truly believe Floridays Resort Orlando is a resort that will make your family vacation in Orlando both practical and even more magical.

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