Finland with kids: 5 top things to do in Lapland for the perfect winter adventure

Experiencing Finland for the very first time have been such an adventure and beyond every expectation. The memories we’ve made here have been a dream come true on so many different levels. From seeing the joy in my sons eyes when he met the real Santa Claus, to experience winter wonderland with the cutest huskies (that loves to cuddle by the way) to feeding reindeer by hand followed by a warm cup of tee near the fireplace.

Traveling to Finland with kids gives you endless opportunities to add that extra bit of magic to your kids childhood. Winter wonderland has never looked more magical!

Here are some highlights from our family holiday in Finland:

5 top things to do in Finland with kids

Our adventure started at Helsinki airport, meeting our hosts and catching a glimpse of what our week had in store for us.
We attended a press trip together with Reima’s #kidventure and #millionhoursofjoy. Let me just say: It’s been a magical winter adventure, one that I will treasure forever!

1: Visiting Santa Claus at his house

To actually be able to meet the real Santa Claus really topped off the overall experience of Finland. Seeing the look of awe when my son met Santa Claus, is something I’ll remember forever. He got to sit on his lap and Santa Claus showed all his houses and cabins in Finland on a map. He told the story of where it all began and why he’s now based in Lapland with all his sweet helpers and reindeers.

2: Husky sled riding 

Having fun with the huskies was really one of our favorite things to do during our stay. These husky rides are a must do while visiting Finland with kids. We got to spend time with the husky puppies and I think it’s safe to say it was hard to say goodbye. Being together with these beautiful huskies in the magical scene of winter was a true adventure to say the least. We got the husky ride all to ourselves and it was such a fun experience. Definitely one that took our breath away during our Lapland adventure!

3: Feeding the reindeer by hand and hop on the reindeer sled 

A very popular thing to do in Finland with kids is to feed the reindeers, and to be able to do so by hand is such a fun experience for the kids. We got to do both the husky ride and reindeer together with rukasafaris and they really made the experience extra special by offering us some hot drinks and setting up a cozy fireplace in a tent. During winter times it feels extra good to warm those toes just a little bit 😉

4: Vuosseli Family park. Downhill-skiing and family park activities 

The snow in Finland during winter makes the perfect conditions for snow activities, and a great time to hit the slopes. I asked my son if he could tell me his absolute favorite thing during our week in Finland and he immediately said the day we went skiing. This family park really had it all. Lots of activities and the possibilities to try out new winter sports. My little winter boy got to try snowboarding for the very first time and he had two rounds with the teachers and then headed downhill snowboarding like he hadn’t done anything else. I’m so impressed and proud of his overall love for conquering life!

5: Nature adventure in Oulanka Natinal Park

The nature is one of the things that really stands out in Finland. The beautiful landscape with all the trees and rivers is a scenery that will take your breath away. We got to see the beauty of winter wonderland, but they say the summer time is just as magical!
We had some hours in Oulanka Natinal Park and the weather made it even more breathtaking. A blue sky, white clear snow and a bit of sunshine. There was a fireplace where the kids could grill some marshmallows. For the kids this was such a fun experience. I enjoyed warm chocolate from the loveliest wooden cup that blended in with the nature. This park was such a beautiful place that we’re very glad we got to see from our family Holliday in Finland.

Photos by Harri Tarvainen

As you can see there’s so many fun things to do when visiting Finland with kids. We can’t wait to come back here, and then with the whole family.


  1. Thank you for sharing! We are looking at coming here and are curious what month you visited.

    1. Monica Nyhus

      Hi there 🙂

      Happy you like it.

      We visited early March and it was wonderful.

      Have a great trip 🙂

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