Hello beauties

Its so amazing to finally be here in Israel. My bestfriend Liat gave birth to a little babygirl, named Ella. She is now two months and I´m so grateful for being able to get some quality time with them. To become a mother is such a special thing. I didn’t really understand how special until I got my own babies. It means alot to have the support and love from the people around you that you really care about. Im so proud of my friend. Just by telling how great she is at being a friend, I cant even begin to imagine what kind of mother she will be like.

Yesterday I went to visit my grandmother. She is just the sweetest. She has the greatest stories to tell, and even though I have heard them all before I can just sit and look at her. She really loves to bring up old memories, and the enthusiasm and the glow in her face makes me so happy.

Liat, Ella and me is soon heading out, but first I wanted to share this look that I went with yesterday. Its really warm here in israel and I´m so glad to finally be able to use some of my summer clothes. I love the colors on this jumpsuit and I felt as if I was blending in with the nature. I also love how the purse complements this outfit.

I was wearing:

Jumpsuit // Sisters Point

Sunglasses // Extreme

Purse // H&M

Watch // Mockberg



I had so much fun putting this look together. For me fashion is about experimenting with different styles, patterns and fabrics. Normally I feel that fringes gives a kinda ruff look, but for this look it actually made the whole outfit more elegant. I also love this dress and the details with the sipper on the side along with the side split. I also like that the vest is open in the front so that the dress shines through. This shoes is just the perfect match for the vest in both color and style, and most important they are so comfortable to wear due to the heal and soft leather. For me its always about the details, combining the right accessories and just play with it. The white nails also complements this outfit very well.

I was wearing 

Fringe vest // Galita

Dress // Galita

Nude Sandals // Sapatos

Sunglasses // Carolina Lemke

Accessories // H&M



Hi you and hello Sunday! 🙂

Here is one of the last looks we shoot in Israel. I wanted to make my beach look more playful and joyful. Going to the beach its always nice to have a light dress to put over the bikini, and this dress is perfect for just that occasion. I love the pattern on the dress and specially the way this colorful bikini shines through. Combined with a messy braid and some flowers you get a fresh and sleek look.

I was wearing

Dress // Atmosphere

Bikini // H&M



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